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Speaking to the heart, with film

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Connecting people and brands

By telling human stories through the discerning lens of a core team of passionate creatives, we’re able to forge relatable, authentic branded media that people can engage with. From concept development to post-production, we are invested in working closely with our clients in order to tell their story in a way that captivates the heart and imagination.

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Treasure Route
Water Survivalists


Ideas & Concept

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Through a granular approach to research and a tireless pursuit in understanding all aspects of your brand, we construct unique ideas from the ground up. This results in campaigns that are purposeful, strategic and authentic.


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We have an intimate understanding of evolving technologies, technical skill and a cinematic style that flows effortlessly. Our nimble, well-connected and multidisciplined team is able to work efficiently and effectively.


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Concept is a canvas, footage is the paint, and editing is the film equivalent of painting. Through our understanding of your brand and the human narrative, we paint an engaing picture for your audience. On any platform, in any format.

Colour Grading

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The final step is a professional cinematic grade. This sets the mood of the film and ensures a polished, emotive product that exudes the essence of your brand’s message.

The Team

Rubert Fitchet

Rubert’s knack for finding the story in everything is essential to what we do. His narrative approach creates effective and creative ways of communicating brand values. A background in documentary filmmaking makes him adaptable. He is able to get to the heart of any brief and respond with unique clarity and vision.

Rory Appleton

Rory has a penchant for finding beauty in the ordinary. He has an enthusiastic, out-of-the box approach to filmmaking and relentless attention to detail throughout the post-production process. A performance background and experience on both sides of the camera makes him a capable and curious director with a holistic and passionate understanding for the medium.

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